My goals were to get fitter, feel better in my body and to be happier. Joana helped me by listening to what’s important to me. She helped me reach my goals. My biggest change was that my digestion is better and I am fitter. Mentally, I learned to view things from a different perspective and reflect. It makes me more focussed and stronger. I would describe my coach as calm. She is listening very well and guides with high mileage questions so that I find the answer myself. She has a very wide knowledge and many tools to offer. I felt well guided and supported through the 3 months. I would recommend Joana to anyone who wants to get healthier or fitter no mater if physical or mentally, to everyone who feels overwhelmed by the diet culture and information out there or who is struggling with their health or weight and to everyone who is not completely happy, doesn’t know why and how to change it!
I am very thankful for the past 3 months and the results we achieved on all areas of my life. Change is a process and takes time but I feel now that I am on the right path to get where I want to by myself.

Thea B.

Through these 3 months I’ve changed a lot, not only physically or socially, but most important mentally. In this journey I learned how to give my body what he ask for. All started with physical changes, all with a plant-based diet, where after doing self-research and receiving a complete guide from my coach with steps, recommendations and even media to understand what is happening in my body, in my mind and how this can be a huge change on the human habits and the impact on our world. This diet made me feel lighter, with a better feeling inside of me (internal organs), also felt a change on my stress level and little by little I stopped having headaches or stomachaches after each meal. Another improvement was a clearer mind, easier to think and get ideas, less pressure in my head (It used to be there for no reason). All this diet combined with a routine of mobility and flexibility was really helpful to let problems from the past behind (physical)  and it made my performance get that uphill momentum that I couldn’t get before when I was trying to do it by myself improving my performance in tennis, paintball and while doing any kind of exercise. Spiritually and socially I got a big change after trying daily meditations at the beginning and at the end of the day, something that helped me to clear my head and realize that problems or challenges can be solved or completed just about thinking in a strategy to get it done and that always brings me a peace of mind and make thinks and life way a lot easier. The meditations suggested by my coach helped me to heal memories from the past and save energy for situations in the future so I can use my energy in the present and be at a 100%. One thing that my coach suggested me is not to use energy on situations that is not necessary or really doesn’t worth it, there are some situations where we can’t do anything or it just don’t depend on us, so trough perspective I started to work on that, and things that used to spin on my mind but they weren’t my problems or just it didn’t depend on me and suddenly they started to flow and It gave me a lot of energy to use in another challenges and goals that depended on my and were for me, something that came with all this wave of positive was people around me, I could see that my energy was contagious, negative and positive, so while I focused on being positive and see things in a positive-realistic way immediately I could see people getting a similar perspective and a positive attitude that made them well.  After this 3 month I can say that my activities changed a little bit, well actually a lot, I exercise my body and my mind more often, also it brings me new activities like gardening, cooking and many others that maintain me busy, entertained and happy.  Now I can easily sleep my 8 hours daily without interruptions and having a real rest, so in the next day I feel active and for the first time in I while I can feel what does feeling good feels. I’m so grateful for this opportunity that changed my life and I’m pretty sure is changing my family life’s too that are getting inside this movement to improve our lifestyle and avoid healthy or even personally problems that could take a lot of energy from us that is not necessary to spend on. I have reached most of my goals that I’ve set on this 3 months, some of them are permanently. Whit my coach we went through all the struggle that came with the learning and reached the goals, I can say that it wasn’t easy but also it wasn’t hard, just all the strategies started to work and a factor that I learned to use was patience. One of the last steps during the 3 month journey was practice the law of attraction, and while I was doing this exercise writing what I wanted to manifest and achieve I realized that most of this goals were material, because something that came to mi mind was, why do I want a big house, why I want tons and tons of money what is the point…be happy, but this things are not primarily necessary for happiness so with my coach help I could set new goals were I focus on the primary things and some material things will come along in the right way to achieve my main goal that is happiness and freedom.

Alejandro C.